DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe Tutorial

The DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe Tutorial. After taking the Geode Bath Bomb Tutorials to the test a couple of weeks ago, I decided there had to be a way to make these lovely creatures without wanting to scream out words that I couldn’t in front of my children. So I went to work determined to come up with a no-fail way for anyone that lives anywhere to make. And here it is!


March 25th – Temp 67° Humidity 67%

March 26th – Temp 54° Humidity Level 76%

First of all, If you have worked with bath bombs you know that differences in humidity and dew point levels greatly affect what happens with bath bombs. Take these for example. Do you know what the only difference was other than the color? 1 day and 9 percent difference in humidity. In Alabama, where I live, the temperature and humidity levels can change drastically from one day to the next. The moisture levels make a huge difference in anything you are making that contains citric acid. The picture to your right was made with the exact same recipe as the one on the left, yet it continued to rise like it was bread made with yeast. You can see how it looks just a couple of minutes after it was made.


DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe Tutorial

Materials for DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe Tutorial

For your convenience, I have provided a link to all of the items I have found that works well for me on Amazon. Every one is Prime eligible some are Prime Pantry. Find out how to save money with Amazon here. Some items may cost a few cents more than another brand, yet due to one thing or another have found I like these better. If you have any questions about any product please fill free to ask me here or in the comment box below. Most of the basic, everyday type of ingredients I purchase from Wal-Mart. I have bought the small 7.5 oz of citric acid from Wal-Mart as well (only size my local store carries.) The citric acid Wal-Mart carries is 98% citric acid the brand I have found I like the best is from Amazon is 100% pure and is a non-GMO product. If you do not intend on making very many fizzy type bath and shower products the cost is reasonable.My local store, a 7.5oz container runs $2.97. You can get approximately 4 batches of this size out of one bottle. (I am not affiliated with Wal-Mart in any way and do not receive compensation for mentioning them.)

DIY Geode Bath Bomb Recipe Ingredients:


  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Scraping Spatula – Find it here on Amazon
  • small Misting spray bottle – helpful for adding witch hazel Find it here on Amazon or at Wal-Mart in the travel size section for around $1.00


If you don’t have molds you can use the bottom of Easter eggs or anything you have in the correct shape. Make sure to clean your molds well to keep contaminants down.
This has become my basic bath bomb recipe. I have tried making them with water, alcohol, and/or witch hazel and this works best for me.
If you look at the actual bath bomb part of the finished Geode Bath Bombs you will see they are different colors. That is because I was trying my technique with each type of bath bomb I had made to make sure it worked every time. And guess what?
IT DID!!!    This worked with everything! From a plain bath bomb to Matcha Green Tea all the way to ones made with cocoa powder!

Instructions: How to Make Bath Bombs

  1. Dry ingredients: Whisk dry ingredients (baking soda,  Epsom salt, citric acid, and cornstarch) in a large bowl until well-combined Use scraping spatula around edges and bottom to make sure thoroughly mixed.
  2. Wet ingredients: Melt your coconut oil in the microwave for 20 seconds, if it still isn’t melted continue in 10-second increments until melted. Add approximately 15-25 drops of essential oil to your coconut oil. Keep in mind the scent will become less after the bath bomb dries so you may want to add several more drops after you reach the scent you like. Add in your colorant, I usually add 7-12 drops of soap dye depending on color. Stir with wooden stick/toothpick as well as you can then whisk into the dry ingredients. I haven’t had problems with oils causing the citric acid to react. To be safe and keep any possible reaction to a minimum, add the oil mixture slowly to your dry ingredients, whisking briskly as you add.
  3. Add water slowly whisking briskly while adding to keep fizzing reaction to a minimum. We want that to happen in the tub!
  4. CHECK MIXTURE. If you choose to wear gloves put them on now and squeeze a handful of your mixture together then drop it into your bowl. If it holds together without breaking skip to #6 If not continue to #5
  5. Add witch hazel to your spray bottle (mist not squirt type) and mist a little at a time while whisking briskly, checking mixture (see #4) regularly until it holds together without breaking. Be very careful not to get too wet or add to quickly..
  6. Fill mold about half way then push mixture onto the sides and bottom of the mold. Press in firmly then put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. It is important not to leave for a prolonged period of time or it will not release from the mold.




Layout some wax/freezer paper. Quickly after removing from refrigerator, flip molds upside down and bang down onto wax paper to remove from the mold they should come right out.

Let the Geode shells (bath bombs) dry. This can take a few hours to overnight.






Make Into Geodes

You may want to place your Geode shells (bath bombs) back into the molds to help protect them from breaking while doing the next step. It isn’t necessary if they have dried and hardened completely. I also lean towards the safest way so I put them back in the molds

Natural Geode

Add 2-4 drops of colorant to coarse salt

  1. In a small container mix together 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt and ½ teaspoon of melted coconut oil. This will be your first layer for your Geode.
  2. In a small container mix together course salt of your choice (I used rock salt) and 2-4 drops of colorant. This will be your middle layer.
  3. Press your Epsom salt mixture into the bath bomb taking it up the sides. I found it easier to press the center down first then work up the sides.
  4. Optional – press in uncolored white course salt layer
  5. Add your layer of colored course salt
  6. Paint melted coconut oil onto the top of finished Geode to hold it all together.

Once the salt layers have dried and set, carefully remove them from the mold.

I have tested this 12 times now and it has worked each and every time! Please share this with others.

Comment below and let us know how it works for you!

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