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All Natural Bath & Beauty Product Line

Hi guys! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while… We have been studying all natural ingredients in order to make our new Bath & Beauty line. We have been hard at work trying out different recipes with several different types of essential oils. We even have enlisted family and friends to test them out and see what actually works and what doesn’t. 

We have found several recipes that don’t do enough to make them worth the time or the money and others that work surprisingly well! We will have a products page up soon so you can purchase the ones that made it through the test. We will also be giving out recipes so you can make some of them yourselves. 

We will also be offering an informative section to show how to use the Bath & Beauty line to help heal the mind and body while you’re simply relaxing in a bath or going through your beauty regiment. 

This is an exciting time so please stay tuned there is so much coming!!! 


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