About Varied Visions

My name is Joni welcome to Varied Visions

The place to go for all natural products for you, your family, and your home. We also give you the tutorials and recipes on how to make them yourself. Also check out our DIY home decor, the latest information on trends, tips and tricks
to create beautiful new things for you and your home that are low-priced (some free, with items you already have)

Our tutorials cover each and every step from start to finish, including my mistakes.

As well as:

  • a list of materials including:
    • must have materials with optional materials listed below
    • less expensive or even free alternate items (when available) that can be used
    • pricelist with links to different places you can find the item online (price updates will be made regularly)
  • complete step by step instructions with
    • click to skip options
    • pictures and/or video of each step
  • a comment section for any questions or comments that may arise
  • an area for you to so off your finished piece! We all want to see what you made!!

Is there something I have missed or forgotten that you would like to see? Please let me know!

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Who am I?

Hi! My name is Joan Whitfield, please call me Joni. Welcome to Varied Visions. I’m happy you stopped by and given me to the opportunity to share my love of creativity with you. I love showing fun, inexpensive ways to beautify you and your home! 
When it comes to creativity, it is more than something I do, it’s a part of what I am. I loved my mother’s innate ability to create. She had the ability to look at something and be able to reproduce it. I am thankful to her for passing her creative gene down to me. My earliest memories are of her and I watching Bob Ross and painting “…happy little accidents.” 
It never occurred to me as an adult that I could make a living being creative. So I went into business and became the person running the company. That is until the recession hit and the company was no longer there. After a few years and several unexpected events, I was able to rebuild my world again. Yet, I built it around creating this time.
I found the rules I had learned for art growing up went right along with the ones for design. Soon after through friends, I was able to do a few Interior design projects. When working on a new interior design for a home there are always items no longer wanted. A lot of these pieces had beautiful structure, each one needed a little TLC. Taking once treasured items and making them loved again. Thus grew a zeal for repurposing, and the beginnings of my store, it opened in 2014.

Laurie with Birmingham Christian Family Magazine visited my store. I was blessed with her and writing this article about us and repurposing.

I opened my store repurposing my finds in the back of the main showroom, with the hopes of it bringing in custom work. T produced the results even more than I had hoped for. It also brought many requests for faux finishes classes on furniture.  With Varied Visions, I am able to bring all the thing I love together in one place!


I am a mother of 4 amazing children.  3 girls and 1 boy, 33, 23, 13 (son), and 11. All my kids have nicknames. From oldest to youngest they are beanie, stink, buggie (son), and boo. No! Their nicknames didn’t start out this way, they kept getting shorter through the years. I have to admit stink and buggie got the worst of the deal! Beanie and boo both rhymed with their names and sound fine shortened. Stink was a clever child. She always found a way to get what she wanted. Whether it was sneaking a cookie or to skip nap time, being sly was natural for her. So she became stinker pot which later shortened into stink. Buggie looked like the Gerber baby when he was born, cute little bugger! Was shortened to buggie or sometimes bugg. Calling out Stink or Bugg is instinctive. Thankfully the amazing group doesn’t think twice about it.
God has a sense of humor
My oldest daughters have given me 8 awesome grandchildren, 4 girls and 4 boys (2 of the boys are twins.) I haven’t burdened them with nicknames, yet!  When my first grandchild was born I had to come up with a name for them to call me. I felt I was too young for “granny” or grandmother for that matter, we are far from formal. After getting several ideas for an alternate name, I had heard mémé was German for grandmother. I thought it sounded fun and not old so I went with it. Only to find out several years later that mémé is a French word translated two ways. One of the meanings is grandmother/grandparent. Guess what the other translation is? old lady! LMBO!!!!!
Have a question, comment or something you would like to see? Please let me know!