Is all the information overwhelming and have no clue who to go with or where to start?

I was in your shoes about 10 years ago when I wanted to build my first site. I did what we all do and did a Google search for “Best hosting for the lowest price 2008” (keep in mind it was 10 years ago 😊.) OMG! I had SO many results of bloggers listing the top 10 or 5, you get the idea. So I thought I will see which platform was in the top 3 the most. That didn’t work… The first few pages were post that listed the hosting sites that they would make affiliate money from. But I did see one that was consistently on the list, it was I-Page. I decided I would go with them. I could buy my URL as well as host my site for a year for only $12.99! To me, that was something I couldn’t pass up! I continued to use I-Page and refferred several clients and friends to it as well. The only problem I had in my early stages of creating websites with I-Page was the renewal cost of my URL. It was on up there! So expensive in fact, 3 months prior to having to have it renewed I changed my websites name advertising everywhere that we would be moving!

Who do I use now? Am I happy with them?

I purchased my URL then went to SiteGround for hosting. I found them through a blogger that wrote about them quite a bit. I am so sorry I cannot remember her name or her website to give her credit 😔. I will search through my emails I am sure I have one from here somewhere so I can. SiteGround has plans ranging from $3.99 to $11.95 for the first year. They also plainly state “Upon renewal, prices will increase to $11.95 to $34.95 per month.” I like that they are upfront about the cost increase! 

I absolutely LOVE the service I get from SiteGround as well as all the extras they have available! I am on the “GoGeek” plan ($11.95), though I did start with the “Startup” plan ($3.95.) It was worth the difference to me because of what that plan provides. If you do like me and start with the lower plan but decide  “GrowBig” or “GoGeek” is really what you need. No need to worry! All you have to do is upgrade and they just charge you the difference, they even prorate it for the months that are left in the year not charging you the full amount! 

How much do I enjoy SiteGround? I have referred several of my friends that were unhappy with their hosting service as well as use SiteGround for all of the websites I build! I also have become an affiliate for them, so if you would like to give SiteGround a try please click here 😌

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