Along with these benefits of lavender, you can add these to the list as well!

You’d be surprised by how many things you can use dried flowers for besides potpourri… not that making potpourri isn’t riveting on its own. Dried flowers often retain the same beauty benefits that your fresh bouquet came with. Depending on the type of bloom, your dried flowers can make an amazing hair rinse or body scrub. The bonus is obviously that you get to enjoy the flowers’ natural beauty before you get to work on your own.

There have been multiple studies conducted on the emotional impact of flowers, including one out of Rutgers University in New Jersey that states flowers have potent aromas that are used in essential oils, perfumes, and even medicine. Those benefits can be directly applied topically to diminish signs of wrinkles, treat acne, and other skin irritations. I always assumed that once a flower dried out, any nutrients that could help with skincare would have vanished. However, according to sources at Aura Cacia and anyone who knows a thing or two about tea, many of these properties live on in the afterlife of a flower.

Dried flowers often carry calming properties that can ease inflammation and improve complexion. Plus, the texture of dried flowers acts as a natural exfoliate to rid away dead or damaged skin cells while using its attributes to replenish new skin cells, heal scars Some flowers can even provide natural cleansing properties.