Have you wondered why some ingredients are in the products you buy? Or a better question what exactly is some of those things? Most of the time we can’t even pronounce the majority of ingredients must less know what they are or how they affect our health! Yes, we only sell products that go onto your skin. But did you know that the majority of the things that we put on our skin is absorbed metabolized into our systems within seconds? I often wondered years ago if all the new diseases that were becoming commonly known yet we had never heard of until recently were coming to fortition from all of the chemicals that were added to everything we ate and put onto our bodies, the preservatives and all the other garbage that wasn’t there before. Now we are finding out a lot of those thing were causing cancer and other conditions that wouldn’t go away.

This is where we are different! We do not add ANYTHING to our products that aren’t all natural. We do add natural preservatives and natural ingredients to help keep the shelf life a little longer, yet we have chosen a way that is a little harder to keep our customers safe! Some of our products have a shorter shelf life. Yet we choose to make a smaller batch that can be used prior to it going bad and will send it to you more often. Once you find the perfect product for you sign up for an automatic shipment and have another just before yours runs out! By choosing auto ship you will always have fresh healthy products without running out and will save on shipping!

Each of the ingredients in our products is all natural, organic, will benefit you in some way if not many, and have a reason for being there. Not only does each product have an ingredients list, each ingredient has a link you can follow to tell you exactly what it is and in most times where it came from and how it came to be. The biggest part of the article at the end of the link will tell you exactly how that particular ingredient can benefit you. In most cases, the benefits are too numerous to list everything in the product description so please read about what you are putting on your body, be informed and be healthy!

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to add any info please let us know on the form below!