Citric Acid Benefits? Is there beneficial properties to Citric Acid, or is it just what we put into bath bombs to make them fizz?



Citric Acid Benefits? Is there beneficial properties to Citric Acid, or is it just what we put into bath bombs to make them fizz?

Do you know what citric acid actually is? Why don’t we start there…

What is Citric Acid?

According to Science Dailey, Citric Acid is a weak organic acid found in citrus fruits. Citric Acid is also a natural preservative…. YAY! I’m all about natural preservatives!) And it is used to make our sour gummies sour and other foods and soft drinks that aren’t as much fun as gummies! 

Something that I found interesting is that citric acid occurs in the metabolism of almost all living things. It also serves as an environmentally cleaning agent and acts as an antioxidant. Also interesting and something I wasn’t aware of until I started reading up on it prior to making bath bombs is that Aspergillus niger, a specific strain of mold, is used to produce citric acid for commercial use via a process of fermentation! 

Ok, we now know what Citric Acid is, however, is it beneficial for us? Read on to see if it is and if so how…

Benefits of Citric Acid

If you think of it as a strain of mold I am guessing it isn’t quite as appealing to you now. But don’t run away from it quite so fast, citric acid benefits are able to assist human health. From it’s being used for the preservative qualities to helping to regulate pH.  It also has antioxidant properties that benefit osteoporosis sufferers, it is a valuable component in supplementing and possible energy-producing properties.

Keep in mind the full range of benefits of citric acid are just coming to light. There is evidence to support following benefits:

  • skin health: Most of us that already are fighting the signs of aging have heard of alpha-hydroxy acid. Citric acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid! If you don’t know what alpha-hydroxy acid is, it gives the ability to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. It may also act as an antioxidant and support healthy ageing. 
  • acid regulator: Citric acid can decrease the level of acidity in some bodily fluids, like urine. This finding has attracted the interest of people that are attempting alkaline diets in order to battle bone loss. Also for those that are suffering from urinary and kidney problems.
  • kidney stones: As stated, citric acid can increase urinary pH, causing it to become more alkaline making the conditions disadvantageous for the formation of kidney stones.
  • osteoporosis: Citric acid is an essential element of bone. Some studies suggest that it can protect against bone loss – particularly for postmenopausal women.
  • increasing iron absorption: Citric acid may aid the absorption of minerals such as iron. It adds to make minerals more water soluble therefor easier for the body to take in. 
  • For periodontal disease: Citric acid has been shown to kill bacteria in dental plaque. As with all things, use in moderation, it may cause tooth enamel erosion with prolonged use. 
  • Increased energy: Some people take citric acid for a boost in energy. Citric acid is involved in the Krebs Cycle or TCA (TriCarboxylic Acid) cycle – a microscopic process that occurs in animals, plants, and bacteria to help produce energy. 
  • antioxidant: Citric acid is well known antioxidant and preservative effects. 
  • antimicrobial and immune-boosting: Citric acid is often prescribed alongside vitamin C to combat the common cold and sinus issues. 
  • antibacterial

These are just a few of it’s benefits. Stay tuned there are still more studies going on to assure more benefits.

Being a biology major I couldn’t resist giving y’all a link to NCBI’s (National Center for Biotechnology) article on how citric acid has shown great effects on the brain and liver of mice, just in case you turned into a nerd as an adult like me!