What is the big deal about Distilled Water?

Distilled Water

Depending on where you live will depend on what is actually in your water. I moved less than 24 miles from where I use to live and this made a huge difference in my water! Where I use to live the water was so hard it stained my tub, killed my hair, and caused such a build-up of minerals in my water heater I was having to change the element every couple of years. What a difference 23 miles makes!

When making bath and beauty products knowing exactly what you put into them is very important in the final product and how it works. Not only that, do you know that distilled water for beauty is not something new? Distilled water is one of the beauty secrets to get clear skin and healthy hair. 

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is produced through distillation that separates the liquid from other substances (like I was talking about earlier) contained in it. The distillation process heats the water until it evaporates thus eliminating bacteria or microorganisms and leaving impurities behind. Once it finishes the evaporation process the steam is then condensed back into water.

Why use Distilled Water in the Beauty Industry?

When making beauty products distilled water is used as a solvent. If you like to make your own beauty products, make sure to use purified/distilled water. Normal tap water will decrease the quality and shelf life of your products due to the fact most water contains substances or bacteria that sometimes become the culprit of skin irritation or other skin problems.

Distilled water also used for cleaning purposes due to its ability to bind dirt and impurities that come into contact with it. Washing your face with distilled water will improve penetration of products that you use after washing your face. This water is also good to use for cleaning build-ups on your hair.